Why Drive from Syracuse to Shop at Burritt CDJR?

Winter has finally loosened its grasp on upstate New York and made way for the arrival of the warmer months. Drivers all across Syracuse are itching to take advantage of the state's natural beauty on a weekend drive.

If you're searching for a nice drive to get out of Syracuse, consider heading north to visit and shop at Burritt CDJR.

Close By: Our location is only a short distance north from Syracuse near the shore of Lake Ontario. Taking NY-481 from Syracuse will get you to Burritt CDJR in 30 to 45 minutes.


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The Jeep Grand Cherokee: SUV Versatility, Redefined


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The Jeep Grand Cherokee has stood as a legendary SUV since its release in the 1990s. Providing drivers and off-road enthusiasts alike with comfortable yet capable performance, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has evolved over time to accommodate a variety of driving styles - culminating in the 2019 model year's massive 12 available trim levels!  our selection of the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee today! 

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Have Syracuse Drivers Discovered the Jeep Cherokee?


Living in upstate New York can put a strain on a vehicle that's not adequately equipped to handle the varying extremes. Rough roads, icy terrain, intense cold and more require a versatile vehicle that needs to stand out. Whether you are traversing across the state or driving through downtown Syracuse, you'll need a model that responds to any challenges that you may face. Here at Burritt CDJR, we firmly believe the Jeep Cherokee is the answer.

Why the Jeep Cherokee?


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Syracuse Drivers Can Find a High-Quality Car On Our Lot

Having a car nowadays is vital – that is something everyone knows. However, it is equally as important to ensure the car you invest in is right for you. That is why we have a wide selection of cutting-edge vehicles available for you to consider investing in. When you visit our dealership from Syracuse, you will be able to hone in on a specific model that will suit your needs on the road.

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New Jeep Inventory to Test-Drive at Burritt CDJR

Jeep vehicles sit at the pinnacle of high-performing SUVs that dominate any type of conditions thrust upon them. Whenever a Jeep vehicle gets mentioned, a few points of emphasis usually come to mind. Some refer to the iconic styling that allows models like the Jeep Wrangler to be instantly recognizable; plenty of others refer to the off-road terrain abilities, while even more like to talk about the elite array of features they possess. Whenever you decide to go with a new or used Jeep at Burritt CDJR, you're sure to be set for an unforgettable driving experience.


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What Happens if You Break Down this Winter? Mopar is Here to Help

Winter can cause a lot of problems for drivers, it's not only exceptionally cold and unforgiving at times, but it can really do a number on your vehicle. At Burritt CDJR, we can prepare your vehicle for the worst this coming winter with services such as tire changes, fluid replacements, and oil changes. However, what happens if the worst occurs and you are in need of roadside assistance?


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Ready for Winter? Make Sure You Beat Winter this Year at Burritt CDJR

Being located in upstate New York, we know a thing or two about the challenges winter provides. Exceptionally cold, terrible road conditions, and brutal freezing temperatures leave many of us dreading what's coming. Fortunately, when winter strikes we have you covered here at our dealership. We offer many essential winter services to make sure you Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle is up to this rapidly approaching task. Just schedule a service with us and see what we can do for you!


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