Why Drive from Syracuse to Shop at Burritt CDJR?

Winter has finally loosened its grasp on upstate New York and made way for the arrival of the warmer months. Drivers all across Syracuse are itching to take advantage of the state's natural beauty on a weekend drive.

If you're searching for a nice drive to get out of Syracuse, consider heading north to visit and shop at Burritt CDJR.

Close By: Our location is only a short distance north from Syracuse near the shore of Lake Ontario. Taking NY-481 from Syracuse will get you to Burritt CDJR in 30 to 45 minutes.

Excellent Selection and Services: It's more than worth it to make the drive to take advantage of our varied inventory and helpful services. We pride ourselves on offering one of the finest car shopping experiences in upstate New York.

Enjoyable Drive: The drive itself from Syracuse can be quite a pleasant one. Head out during spring and summer and you'll see gorgeous foliage all the way up. And you don't have to stick to NY-481 either -- there are plenty of alternate routes via gorgeous state highways and back road.

Attractions Nearby: There's more to enjoy nearby than just our dealership. Drive up to see and you can visit attractions like camping, boating, lakeside restaurants and more.

Ready to hit the road and come visit Burritt CDJR? Check out our directions page to find the fastest route from your part of Syracuse, then head up and say hi!

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