What Happens if You Break Down this Winter? Mopar is Here to Help

Winter can cause a lot of problems for drivers, it's not only exceptionally cold and unforgiving at times, but it can really do a number on your vehicle. At Burritt CDJR, we can prepare your vehicle for the worst this coming winter with services such as tire changes, fluid replacements, and oil changes. However, what happens if the worst occurs and you are in need of roadside assistance?

Few things are scarier than when a car breaks down in adverse cold weather. If your battery is dead, you will be unable to heat your car, exposing you to the cold elements. If you are in a remote location, you might be miles away from help and need to walk, prompting the need for some sort of weather protection. It pays to be prepared for the worst case scenario, so what do we recommend?

  • Utilize Your Mopar Benefits: with 24-hour Roadside Assistance, we can answer any questions you have and make sure you take the best precautionary steps to handle a breakdown, flat, or minor accident
  • Use Towing Assistance: with 24-hour Towing Assistance, we are there when it comes to the worst for participating vehicles. Make sure you give us a call and Mopar will come to get you.

On a side note, we encourage you to always have in your possession some sort of tool/weather kit available. Whether it be food, warm clothing, hand warmers, or a flare, it never hurts to be prepared this winter. Further, we can't stress enough getting snow tires or utilizing a vehicle with four-wheel drive if possible.

Make sure you're ready for winter by checking in with us. We have experienced New York winters for years from the service side of things, and are fully capable of preventative maintenance and auto-repair as the situation warrants.

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