Ready for Winter? Make Sure You Beat Winter this Year at Burritt CDJR

Being located in upstate New York, we know a thing or two about the challenges winter provides. Exceptionally cold, terrible road conditions, and brutal freezing temperatures leave many of us dreading what's coming. Fortunately, when winter strikes we have you covered here at our dealership. We offer many essential winter services to make sure you Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle is up to this rapidly approaching task. Just schedule a service with us and see what we can do for you!

How Can We Get Your Car Ready for Winter?

Follow this simple checklist of winter musts capable of being fixed here at Burritt CDJR to ensure winter doesn’t slow you down.

  1. Get Your Oil Changed: Few things are worse for your engine than excess sludge and grime. It hurts the quality of your performance and damages your engine. Winter exacerbates these concerns, so make sure you get an oil change quickly.
  2. Check Your Battery Levels: No one wants to jumpstart a battery when it's cold! A dead battery is a no go in the winter and can put you at risk for freezing temperatures in the cabin.
  3. Change Your Tires: Snow tires are an essential fix for the winter. Poor traction can mean life or death in some cases, so make sure you stop into Burritt CDJR to equip a new set of snow tires.
  4. Replace the Fluids in Your Vehicle: Anti-freeze, wiper fluid and more can cut through mixes of snow, slush, gravel, salt and other messy winter marks that plague the roads. By replacing your fluids early on, you can help keep your windshield clear for extra visibility.

We encourage you to follow this checklist at Burritt CDJR to maximize your vehicle for the winter. Just schedule a service and stop on by for a full auto-service experience.

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